The software «BASPRO Optima» is designed for professionals of production support units and analytical centers of oil company, who want to be guided by the most complete and accurate information to make the right decisions. The software «BASPRO Optima» provides many advantages for this category of users, namely:

  • Elaborate data model that is core of information and allows storing both well data and field data required for the construction and operation of geological and technology models;

  • Powerful and easy-to-use analysis tools, including time-tested tools such as tables and graph of development parameters, maps, well logs and correlation charts. And also new tools: geological and hydrodynamic cubes, geological cross-sections, dynamic maps (animate circular diagrams) and production diagrams

  • Close coordination with other systems: OilInfoSystem (system of production data collecting and report generating), Eclipse (Schlumberger), Tempest MORE (ROXAR) (software packages of geological and hydrodynamic modeling).

All these factors suggest the feasibility of using the software «BASPRO Optima» to solve practical problems of model-building, estimation of quality and operation of complex geotechnical models.

The software «BASPRO Optima» consist of next software modules: BaspOil, Explore, Geomaster, Reservision, Acel, Kern&Fluid, Bios and BiosII.
Core of the software «BASPRO Optima» is modern and optimally designed data model. Main model of database is BDM Optima (DBMS Oracle). Model BDM Project (DBMS Access) is also used for project work.
Elaborate data model, powerful tools of batch processing, balanced functionality and carefully designed interface have allowed the software «BASPRO Optima» to take the leading position among software products in the oil and gas industry. The software package is continuously improved based on development plan and the wishes of partners.
There are currently about 1000 software installations in the territory of the Russian Federation. Over the last few years we have gained experience with foreign companies. The «BASPRO Optima» software has multi-language support and can store data in any system of units. For example, it can store production data not only in mass-volume but also in terms of volume, such as barrels.