About company


The group of companies BASPRO includes the LLC "INFA" and the LLC "BASPRO PROJECT".
They represent their own development: the BASPRO software. The BASPRO software is an independent commercial product. It is not associated with any oil company and focused on the broad market.
Major business lines of group of companies BASPRO are:

  • Development of software for field production monitoring and geological modeling;
  • Software maintenance;
  • Creation and maintenance of database of geological and production information;
  • User instruction and consulting.

Currently the main business line of company is a development of the software "BASPRO Optima".

16, Uritskogo St., Tyumen, Russian Federation
Tel.: +7 (3452) 46 66 30
e-mail: info@baspro.ru

Tel.: +7 (3452) 46 70 05
e-mail: support@baspro.ru