Added functionality of the software "BASPRO Optima"

Version 10.1 (June 2016)
New features:

  • User authorization system; assignment of access privileges to the corporate database
  • Estimation of workovers efficiency by the LUKOIL procedure
  • Tracer research on a map during the time frame
  • Results of the analysis of daily physical-chemical properties of water by the minute in the form of tables and graphs
  • Work with one or more structural cross-sections on a map
  • Contours (faults, oil-water contacts, claying zones) crossing the geological profile on a map automatically participate in the calculation of a geological cross-section
  • Integration with TempestMORE (package of hydrodynamic simulation) in the software module "Reservision"


  • Graph view settings
  • Histogram view settings
  • Correlation chart view settings
  • Printer layout: template creation, layout-to-map relation recovery

Version 10.0 (January 2016)
New features:

  • System of corporate templates: setting the default document views within a single company
  • Context-sensitive help system
  • Development blocks creation on a map by wells bindings to well pads
  • Production forecast by development blocks taking into account the disposal wells for water-cut
  • Analysis of daily production, matching with technological modes, forecast of daily production parameters


  • Display of tracer research on maps
  • Graph view settings
  • Correlation chart view settings
  • Version 9.10 (June 2015)
    New features:

    • Calculation of monthly production report by production, injection and water-intake well stocks
    • Tracer research on maps
    • Calculation of forecast and workovers efficiency based on production base calculated from the water-oil displacement characteristics and workovers efficiency function, which is given by users
    • Histogram of daily rate deviation
    • BasproBGE modules installer
    • FMI data loading into the database partition «Kern»; FMI data display as pictures of depth on well logs


    • Settings of geological cross-section attributes
    • Save well logs with all its settings
    • Correlation chart view settings