The software module «Bios» is designed for bulk data loading into a corporate database (DBMS Oracle).

The main functions of the software module «Bios» are:

  • Data import/export from files: well logging, well logging interpretation results, drillhole survey, contours, grid functions;
  • Bulk data loading from initial data collection systems and other external data sources (OIS, PCMS) into database partitions: Production, Well stock, Pressure, Construction, Hydrodynamic investigation, Workover actions, Blocks of development;
  • Well logging data loading from LAS-files;
  • Closing of monthly production reports based on daily measurements (loading of daily measurements, rejection of incorrect values, calculation of monthly production report, quality control);
  • Calculation of various parameters in a database, that are used in the software «BASPRO» (DBMS Oracle, Access);
  • Loading of monthly production reports;
  • Loading of maps and contours;
  • Loading of photos of core salvage into a database (DBMS Oracle);
  • Loading of wells archival documents into a database (DBMS Oracle);
  • Unloading of well logging, contours, maps and archival documents from a database to various format files.

The software module «Bios» has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface of management.